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Analysis of the four kinds of flow of the composite motion of the kneading machine

Analysis of the four kinds of flow of the composite motion of the kneading machine
Kneading machine in flows through to the wall and installed in the container of various fixed member, also want to get shear effect, the shearing action can cause many local eddy diffusion, is a new type of high efficiency, high precision of particulate matter kneading machine, knead the confidential letter clean, simple operation, easy maintenance, long service life, the combination of the revolution in kneading machine, formed four of powder flow forms: namely convection, shear, diffusion and seepage in the compound movement.
The mixture, heat transfer, mass transfer (including the devolatilization) and reaction of kneading machine are one of the key points in the research of stirring technology in recent years. For low viscosity liquid, the traditional propulsion, paddle, turbine impeller can solve the problem. In the table, the anchor and frame impeller cover a wide range of viscosity.                But as mentioned earlier, in the high viscosity anchor sichuan kneading effect of wheel is much poorer than ribbon, and in low viscosity domain, its shear stress is not enough, the axial circulation also is very poor, and because of the propeller diameter to tank diameter is larger, the solid 1.1 turn volume is big, so only the kneading of the stirring mixer kneading machine groove machine trough kneading machine powder mixing machine dry powder kneading machine cone type kneading mixer article 3 d kneading machine screw kneading machine ribbon mixer without the effect of gravity kneading machine screw mixer requirement is not high use of occasions. However, the anchor impeller is very useful for the purpose of stirring the soil for the purpose.                          
Kneading machine mixing time in the material by two opposite direction of the rotor movement, with complex movement, biaxial blade material along the machine drive slot wall to do good or poor two clockwise, near the axis of the material do the axis of rotation, the u-shaped barrel structure, smooth operation, stir well, no dead Angle, discharge clean, wide application range.                    
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