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The advantages of an oil-free vacuum pump

The oil-free vacuum pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, easy maintenance and no pollution. The oil-free vacuum pump is of good durability, vacuum, compression and dual purpose vacuum pump.             It is a basic equipment which is widely used for vacuum.        Oil-free vacuum pump vacuum degree is low, compared with pump swept volume is small, but small size, easy to install, simple maintenance, easy to move, dont smoke, dont pollute the environment, especially in the laboratory using high demand is better. It is also one of the most common equipment in the lab.                           So oil-free vacuum pump when the choose and buy must first determine the vacuum degree of work demands, if demand of true degree is high, and the choice of vacuum pump is higher than the demand of vacuum degree, otherwise could not reach the requirements of pumping air into vacuum state, will can not meet the job requirements. The second is the pumping rate of the oil-free vacuum pump, which is slightly larger than the pumping rate in the selected type, so as to better satisfy the needs. Finally, the gas that is extracted is not corrosive.            The corrosive gas can corrode the pump. Special materials must be used to meet the demand.    
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