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Precautions for the maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder of the kneader

The maintenance work of kneading machine should be done meticulously, so every detail should be taken into consideration. For the kneading machines hydraulic cylinder, we should pay special attention to it. Strict requirement is the guarantee for normal work of the kneading machine. The hydraulic cylinder of the kneader pays attention to whether the oil is leaking and ensures the cleaning of the piston rod. If the vacuum pump maintenance please refer to the use of the vacuum pump instructions, avoid water operation, the buffer tank should be regularly drained. The steam heating system of the heating system should check the pipe of each valve regularly. The most important thing is the check of the safety valve to avoid the overload pressure of the jacket jacket. Heat conduction oil heating system, strictly prohibit the heating tank dry burning, and pay attention to check the amount of thermal oil in the home, with the loss of heat conduction oil, at any time to add. The seal part seal with tetrafluoroethylene V ring or PTFE packing, or a combination of the use of. Daily check the hydraulic cylinder seal kneading machine parts can not be too loose, should be adjusted to slightly pressed state, but not too strong. The shaft seal part should be maintained every six months. Remove the sealing seat and clean the journal and sealing chamber with silicone oil. Replace the V ring or the tetrafluoroethylene packing. The oblique incision should be adopted. Every combination of kneading, should clean the mouth of the mixing cylinder, close the cover.
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