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Factors influencing the kneading effect of kneading machine.

Release date: 2018-8-7
Kneading machine is suitable for the silicon rubber, neutral acidity glass glue, chewing gum, bubble gum, paper pulp, fiber, also used in battery, printing ink, paint, dye, medicine, resin, plastic, rubber, cosmetics and other industries, however, kneading machine in the process of production of products, also can appear a variety of operation problems, for example: kneading machine in the process of operation, the influence factors of kneading machine operating power is what? What are the factors involved?
Entering the peak season of silicone rubber production, the consumption has also been greatly increased, it is a good time for businesses to make money, if businesses have high-quality production equipment, it is in the peak season of sales is a tiger with wings added. Just think, a lot of orders are taken, but the production equipment does not cooperate, three days a minor repair, five days a major repair, not to mention the loss of maintenance costs, is to lose a good opportunity to earn money, and more serious point may lose the trust of customers, there will be no orders.
Screw extruder kneader is a necessary equipment for the production of silicone rubber, so its importance can be seen in general. Discharging screw kneading machine belongs to an important branch of kneading machine series, mainly used for silica gel, glass glue makings, butyl rubber, hot melt adhesive or bubble field of chemical production, consists of a pair of cooperating with each other and rotating blades (usually assumes the Z) generated by the strong shearing action and the dry state or rubber viscous plastic materials can make the material quickly to get uniform mixture stirring
Factors influencing kneading effect of kneading machine
I. properties of materials (particle size, adhesion, shape, density, fluidity, moisture content, surface roughness, and tendency to agglomerate, etc.)
A. When kneading particles of uniform size, they tend to have a high density toward the bottom of the machine.
B. When the density is approximate, small and nearly spherical shape tend to the bottom of the device.
C. The higher the viscosity is, the higher the temperature is, and the easier it is to agglomerate or agglomerate, and the harder it is to evenly disperse.
2. Kneading equipment discharging mode:
A. Hydraulic turn-over cylinder discharging
B. Discharge ball valve
C. Screw extrusion material
3. Internal surface roughness of kneader (mirror polishing, fine polishing, rough polishing)
Iv. Loading quantity of materials in the container:
A. If there is too much, there will be less kneading space;
B. too little, low productivity, generally 30-50% is appropriate.
5. Speed of agitator: speed of agitator varies with kneader of different specifications, such as 37/19,30/16, 35/25
Working principle of screw extruder kneader: when working, the motor is driven to the active propeller by the reducer, and the driven propeller is driven by the walking gear. High speed backlog, and low speed backlog; Both extrusion movement and separation movement, so that the material fully knead, rub, mix, mix evenly, accelerate the physical and chemical reaction of the material.


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